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SALE Le Marquess


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Le Marquess France 18th Century
Guy, Luy & Hubert Doll Studio Poland


Le Marquess, in the dress of the 18th century. Made in Cracow according to the tradition of the nineteenth century European doll design, he is approximately 14 inches tall. His head, hands and shoes are hand-formed from cernit (heat hardened resin) and then hand painted. This technique truly imitates the wax originally used in the nineteen century by the European doll makers. The blotched waxy finish recreates the look of a doll true to that era. The body is cloth and all of the clothing is hand sewn using the finest fabrics from the remnants of theatrical and opera costumes, this explains why the dolls are created in very small and limited editions! There were only a few hundred of the different styles created that were imported into the US. We will have two or three others to offer as well. This is from the Guy Luy and Hubert Doll Studio, the first and only existing doll Studio in Poland of a family of two stage designers and handcrafters. However, we are not even sure if the studio exists today.


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