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Designed by Wendy and Brian Froud
LE Polystone Resin $64.00 Set of Four


"The pixies are always full of mischievous energy while I'm sculpting them. They leap about on my work table, hiding my tools and pushing over paint pots. They never seem to want to hold the pose I've sculpted them in. In the end I usually have to go along with their wishes and let them be whatever they want to be. Luckily they're happy creatures and although they may cause a bit of mischief in your life,as well, they'll always do it with a sense of fun." - Wendy Froud

fairy MAWMET

Pixies are a curious kind of Faery found in the West Country of Britian - Somerset, Devon, and Cornwall - but may appear any place where pranks and jests are practiced, a clean home is kept, or wild dancing is encouraged. If respected they can be kind to mortals, but even if shown a small discourtesy they are easily angered.

tricksters PINKETT

pixie  GRIG

Pixies come in full colored, window box with a story for each Pixie.

fairy GULL

Bring to life figurines based on the art of the 'World of Froud.' All of the figurine sculptures are based on original creations sculpted by Wendy Froud, and inspired by the art or Brian Froud. The sculptures are finely detailed, hand painted, hand crafted reproductions capturing the essence of these magical and graceful creatures.


Each package of four pixies weight approximately 2 pounds and pixies range from 3.5 to 5 inches in height. Each is individually boxed.

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