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Human Kid Manikin Carved Wood 4ft tall UNIQUE

Family Kong!

Fabulous Workmanship!

You may use your MC/VISA/AMEX! HOWEVER we guarantee all items are as photographed and described, top quality with no unhappy surprises! Check our feedback!


Four Foot Child!

From King Kong Family of Manikins!!

This fellow is shown with his "manni-kong" family, Mom and Dad! Moms is five foot eight and pops is six feet (and heavy too!)
Totally jointed, he swivels at the hip (and even has jointed toes and fingers!) and comes apart at the joints for shipping/storage - just twist on the feet, lower legs, hands, forearms and upper arms. The head is also removable and the upper legs are removed by unscrewing them from the hips (however I ship with that attached).
The stand is attached at the back and removable as well and he can then sit. (Shipped unattached)

CLICK HERE FOR MORE MANI-KONG FAMILY PHOTOS!!! (close up and detail shots)

A staple for every art student is the wooden, poseable manikin. Well here he is at a gigantic life size four feet!

He makes a great gift item for the Art Collector, Art Student, Model Collector, Mannequin Lover, Action Figure Enthusiast, Doll Maker, Doll Collector, Miniature Collector, just about everyone loves these guys, but they usually only get a change to see 12" to 16"!!
Just let him sit around your house...wait for the amazed comments!
Can also be used as an eye catching display for a gallery, art supplier, craft shop, etc..

This auction is for ONE CHILD manikin, and is new from gallery stock.
Buyer pays actual shipping and insurance. (Approximately $35 UPS plus insurance - a guesstimate. You can e-mail, give your zip code and we can check before sale!).

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